Urban Africani is the newest body of work by contemporary urban artist Rene Gagnon. Partially inspired by his 'Urban Picasso' series this new work abstracts intersecting layers of 'throw up' tags by some of his favorite graffiti writers, who are revealed in the paintings title if you lack the trained eye of a graffiti connoisseur. From that starting point Gagnon goes on to decorate the surface with delightful colors, dope mark making, and an often overlooked Disney character. The addition of the obscured Disney character is a attempt to make his work commercial trash, which seems to do quite well these days.

Mickey SNO | 86 inches X 55 inches | 2020 | Available Jiminy MISK | 55 inches X 70 inches | 2020 | Available Pete NEKST | 4 - 30 inch X 40 inch / 60 inches X 80 inches overall | 2020 | Available

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